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What can young people do to get into property investment?

By Heather Mellican

Just because you don’t earn a six-figure income no longer means you can’t break into the property market as a young person.

A changing real estate market and the development of investment techniques has opened up  this opportunity to young people, however like any major life decision, there are still  many things to consider before taking the plunge.

Considering a shared investment can be the perfect way to break into the property game. Teaming up with a family member or someone you trust allows you to become investment property owners without taking on more debt than you can handle. Many investors also find they are able to qualify for lower interest payments on a mortgage when using this technique.

Property investment can sometimes be a risky business, however there are strategies to follow in order to reduce this risk.

Purchasing in a popular area and researching popular rental properties in your selected area will help you keep risk to a minimum. You may find that apartments are more popular with renters than houses, so buying to your target demographic will assist you in limiting your risk.

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