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How to: Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

By Heather Mellican

Stuck with a small space and don’t know how to design it without feeling closed in? Why not try some of these tips to help enlarge the space.

Add mirrors:
Mirrors help to create the illusion of space as well as bounce light around the room.

Show your skirts: The more skirt that’s visible, the larger and cleaner your room will appear.

Use lines: Use vertical and horizontal lines on wallpaper, rugs and other furnishings to help add length to your room.

Lighten up: Opt for a light colour palette to help open up the space and bring softness to the room.

Choose the right light: Pendant lamps are a good way to provide light without taking up precious floor space. Skinny floor lamps with tall proportions are also a good option to add a vertical line and make ceilings seem higher.

Show your legs: Avoid boxy furniture that goes to the floor. Try choosing elevated pieces with exposed legs.

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