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How to: Create Kerb Appeal

By Heather Mellican

Many buyers make up their mind about your house before they have even walked through the front door. So how can you capitalise on your kerb appeal to get them inside?

Go Green: Investing in some planter boxes are a quick, inexpensive way to improve your home’s exterior.

Source: Pierre Le Roux Design

Think about privacy: Create privacy and appeal by using hedges and shrubs to block out the street. Avoid installing glass front doors.

Paint your house’s exterior: This is one of the best ways to create street appeal. Just give it a touch up or create a whole new look.  Think of colour scheme and create a more modern, eye catching first impression.

Never leave it vacant: If your property is vacant make sure you talk to your agent about property styling. Getting your property furnished and styled for sale is the best investment you can make in the end price you achieve, as many buyers struggle to visualize how their home will look.

Don’t over think it: Many people think they need to invest in expensive lighting or expensive furnishings. Most buyers won’t notice these investments as many inspections take place during the day or buyers want to create their own style with furnishings.

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